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Nick Noble
"You Don't Know What Love Is"

© Jasmine Records

September 01 - 07, 2019

Year of Release: 2015
  • The Bible Tells Me So
  • Army Of The Lord
  • Lovely Lies
  • Bella Bella Perzicella
  • To You My Love
  • A Fallen Star
  • Moonlight Swim
  • A Lucky Silver Dollar
  • My Darling's Earrings
  • How Much Can A Heart Take
  • The Tip Of My Fingers
  • Sweet Love
  • Excuse Me
    (I Think I've Got
    A Heartache)
  • Island Farewell
  • A Legend In My Time
  • The Star You Wished
    Upon Last Night
  • Keeping Cool With Lemonade
  • The Big Big Ladder
  • Lemons And Cloves
  • You Don't Know What Love Is
  • I'm Through With Love
  • Somebody Else Is
    Taking My Place
  • Body And Soul
  • Purple Shades
  • The Boulevard Of
    Broken Dreams
  • Just One More Chance
  • A Cottage For Sale
  • Time Was
  • Outside Of Heaven
  • I Don't Want To Walk
    Without You
  • Auf Wiedershen My Dear

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    Nick Noble just may not be a well-known name in music, but after listening to his compilation You Don't Know What Love Is, he was definitely overlooked. I had a 45 record of his, which was his biggest hit, "Moonlight Swim." (Elvis had recorded it also, from Blue Hawaii.) Noble's version was way better, and was always a favorite record to play from my collection back then. In looking for his music, Jasmine Records released a 31-track compilation of his music. His recorded music was in the 1950s, and he would have only two years, 1955-1957. He was from Chicago, as his music would continue to air in the 1960s. Starting out, his music was at the time when Rock and Roll was just getting started. Noble's music is definitely crooner-type, just as popular crooners, such as Perry Como, Andy Williams, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Guy Mitchell, Steve Lawrence, Eddie Fisher -- all of these popular crooners were making their names in the pre-Rock era, and continued in the decades that followed. Noble, on the other hand, wasn't one of those who would be most popular, yet this compilation definitely proved that he just could have.

    The first two tracks are religious songs, something that was not really seen and heard in the early years of Rock & Roll. That is of course, when Elvis recorded his gospel albums that would result interest in gospel music. "The Bible Tells Me So," and "Army Of The Lord" are quite impressive songs by Noble, as more of his music in this compilation continues, they become even more impressive.

    Definitely a crooner, with his great voice and style, Noble is compared to the popular crooners at the time. "Lovely Lies," "Bella Bella Perzicella" (Perry Como'ish), "To You My Love" (Tony Bennett'ish), "A Fallen Star," "A Lucky Silver Dollar," "My Darling's Earrings" all in the style of what could have been a very successful crooner career for Noble.

    However, some songs are better than others. "How Much Can A Heart Take," "The Tips Of My Fingers" (which was another huge hit for Noble), and "Sweet Love" just may not as be as impressive as other songs (in my opinion), but they do not spoil this entire set of songs.

    Yet the rest of the set is just as impressive and exceptional... "Excuse Me" has the comparison of Guy Mitchell. Hawaiian music has always been interesting to listen to, just as "Moonlight Swim." "Island Farewell" is another good Hawaiian song. "A Legend In My Time" just may sound familiar, and that is because it was a Country hit, decades later, for Ronnie Milsap. Another current day artist, Harry Connick Jr., is compared to "The Star You Wished Upon Last Night" could easily have been recorded by Harry. Perry Como comes to mind for "Keeping Cool With Lemonade." Steve Lawrence, on "The Big Big Ladder." Another easy comparison artist to many songs to follow by Noble, is Andy Williams -- "Lemons And Cloves" Although Frank Sinatra's voice was much lower than Noble's, "You Don't Know What Love Is" sounds like a song that Ol' Blue Eyes could have recorded too.

    The rest of the album are just beautifully, crafted songs, showcasing how Nick Noble could easily compete with his fellow crooners. "I'm Through With Love" is just beautiful. Andy Williams gets the comparison on basically the rest of the songs from this compilation. "Somebody Else Is Taking My Place," "Body And Soul," "Purple Shades." "The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" (not the Green Day song), is another well-crafted song. Likewise, "Just One More Chance, "A Cottage For Sale," "Time Was," "OUtside Of Heaven." "I Don't Want To Walk Without You" is a well-known song, that was recorded by many pre-Rock performers, both male and female. Noble's version is just as exceptional. The last track, "Auf Weidershen My Dear" closes this set, and as mentioned, after hearing how Noble's music was, he was truly a crooner that was overlooked, and could have been just as popular as his fellow crooners.

    Not much information is found on Nick Noble, other than he recorded in the mid-1950s, and his Chicago roots would continue his music in the early 1960s. He did return in the late 1970s, with a Country song. He was never popular as other crooners. Nick Noble passed away in 2012, at the age of 85.

    For those who enjoy the crooners of the past (the pre-Rock artists mentioned), and present (Harry Connick Jr., Michael Buble, etc.), Nick Noble will be easily enjoyed. He may not be a household name as others, but listening to his music, his voice was superb, his style was smooth. Another great crooner on his own, if given the chance.

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