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"Allied Forces"

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Year of Release: 1981

track listing
  • Fool For Your Love
  • Magic Power
  • Air Raid
  • Allied Forces
  • Hot Time
    (In The City Tonight)
  • Fight The Good Fight
  • Ordinary Man
  • Petite Etude
  • Say Good Bye

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    James Brown--Black Caesar
    "Allied Forces"

    If there is one band to compare Toronto, Canada's Triumph, it would have to be the hard rock style of the Jefferson Starship. The high range vocals of lead singer Rik Emmett can easily be compared to the Starship's vocalist Mickey Thomas. Triumph is one of those many hard rock bands that people may not remember. They have had a small handful of tunes that were regularly played on FM radio. One of those songs, Magic Power, is featured here on their 1981 release, Allied Forces.

    Despite Triumph not being well-known, and not having other huge hits as say, the Jefferson Starship, this album is just as exceptionally well to any of the later releases by the Starship or other bands in that style. Sure, maybe it's not a good idea to compare an artist or band to others well-known, but, there are those who would like to know the easiest comparison in case they weren't familar with such a talent, as Triumph.

    The reason why I say that, is because for the people who wish to know more about Triumph, would read up in the Rock History books and learn more information about them, and to see what other albums they may have released, as well as how long the group had been together. In Triumph's case, there wasn't a story about them at all in my usual source book. One mention of Triumph was in another book, and sadly, it only listed the few big hits they had in the Top 40, and where the band was formed, but there was no major storyline written about the band. That's a shame, because Triumph is a good band, just like many other of their fellow neighbors from the Great White North.

    Anyway, this album is definitely worth the price. It's a hard rockin' album, and the instruments blend well in each track. One instrument that really works in some of the songs heard on Allied Forces is an instrument not rarely used in most hard rock bands: The Synthesizer. Synth-used tracks such as Magic Power and Fight The Good Fight are exceptionally well done. Fool For Your Love is the opening track on this album, and this song is done so well, it makes you want to keep listening for more.

    Like many hard rock albums, there is a (somewhat) slow-paced tune thrown in to even out the balance. Ordinary Man is that tune. However, it does start out slow, and eventually builds up to the hard rock status as the previous songs already heard. On the topic of slow tunes, there is a short instrumental, Petite Etude. It's just an accoustical guitar, and it's over a minute in length. Say Goodbye ends the album, and it's great tune to close out the album.

    Another item that stands out for Triumph, is that their album covers are EXTREMELY excellent. Have you ever bought an album just for the fact that the cover was just so awesome, even if you've never even heard of the artist or group, in some cases? Yes, the guitar shown on the Allied Forces cover is cool, but some of the other album covers of Triumph albums are more visual. Triumph is definitely worth checking out. All of their original albums have been released on CD. They did this for Triumph, why not Survivor ? Allied Forces is a rewarding force to be reckoned with. You'll want to hear and learn more about this band. (Hopefully there will be some websites on Triumph out there.) And if so, may the Triumph Force be with you.

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    Steppenwolf--Steppenwolf 7
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    James Brown--Black Caesar