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Joni Mitchell
"Court And Spark"

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Year of Release: 1974

track listing
  • Court And Spark
  • Help Me
  • Free Man In Paris
  • People's Parties
  • Same Situation
  • Car On A Hill
  • Down To You
  • Just Like This Train
  • Raised On Robbery
  • Trouble Child
  • Twisted

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    Joni Mitchell
    "Court And Spark"

    Combining the sounds of folk-pop and jazz, Joni Mitchell's 1974 release, Court And Spark -- is very impressive. The most famous song from this album is Help Me (I think I'm falling in love with you...) The album's vocal harmonies are truly sweet. And as the beginning of the album starts in the folk-pop style, it ends on a (somewhat new age) jazz sound. Jazz was the next musical step in Joni's career.

    The guitars in Free Man in Paris work so well together. It's almost like listening to the Allman Brothers, the way these guitars sound. Same Situation, Just Like This Train, and Trouble Child all have the new age sound. Raised On Robbery is a great rockin' tune, that even Jackson Browne probably wouldn't mind covering. Everything in this song is great; from the instruments to the vocal harmonies. In fact, this song is completely different, soundwise to the previous eight songs already heard. And speaking of different, the last tune, Twisted, is not only jazz, but it's more New Orleans jazz than new age jazz. This song ends the album on a positive note; as a whole, the album's musical styles are unique: rock, pop, and jazz, all rolled into one.

    Joni Mitchell's albums are rated very highly in various album reviews. In Paul Gambaccini's Critics' Choice: The Top 100 Rock 'N' Roll Albums Of All Time (1987), she has two albums listed. Court And Spark is ranked at #37, and her other album, Blue is at #67. After listening to Court And Spark I can see why this album, likewise her work as a musician, is rated in a very positive light.

    Actually, Court And Spark is the only album I have of Joni Mitchell, as of this date (12/07/1997). I have always wanted to hear more of her work. After listening to Court And Spark, it makes me want to buy her other albums that were highly rated. Blue would be the next obvious choice, don't you think?

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