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Edgar Winter Group
"They Only Come Out
At Night"

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Year of Release: 1972

track listing
  • Hangin' Around
  • When It Comes
  • Alta Mira
  • Free Ride
  • Undercover Man
  • Round And Round
  • Rock 'N' Roll
    Boogie Woogie Blues
  • Autumn
  • We All Had A Real
    Good Time
  • Frankenstein

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    Edgar Winter Group
    "They Only Come Out At Night"

    That's pretty much how to describe The Edgar Winter Group's 1972 album, They Only Come Out At Night. Featuring the #1 Frankenstein, and the classic-rock Free Ride, this album is rockin' and boogie'in blues.

    Somewhat sounding like the very early ZZ Top, the following tunes combine boogie rock with just a touch of blues: Hangin' Around, When It Comes (the drums starting out this song really gets your attention), Undercover Man and Rock 'N' Roll Boogie Woogie Blues. (With a title like that one, rest assured this album lives up to the names Rock, Boogie, and Blues.)

    Two surprises that make this album great as it already is: Alta Mira: This one is similar to Paul Simon's Down By The Schoolyard; that unique sound is there, if you're familiar with the Schoolyard tune. Round And Round can easily pass as a country song that would fit today's country and/or southern rock standards. Autumn is the only slow ballad tune on the album. And We All Had A Real Good Time is another rocker, in the style of the early Rod Stewart and Faces.

    Two members of The Edgar Winter Group would leave on their own and become popular musicians in their own right: Guitarist Ronnie Montrose, who would form his own group, called Montrose, featuring the vocals of a then- unknown singer at the time, Sammy Hagar. And Dan Hartman, who not only is best remembered for the hit song I Can Dream About You, featured in the movie Streets of Fire, he would become a succesful producer for well-known acts, as well as writing material for various movie soundtracks, until his death in 1994. And lastly, a major role in the success of The Edgar Winter Group was former Hang On Sloopy McCoys guitarist/vocalist Rick Derringer. He would produce the group's albums and also become a member when Montrose's replacement had left.

    You will have a Real Good Time with They Only Come Out At Night. This album is for those who truly enjoy classic-rock and/or just basic rock 'n' roll in general. There's never a dull moment in this one.

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