• Until We Sleep
  • Murder
  • Love On The Air
  • Blue Light
  • Out Of The Blue
  • All Lovers Are Deranged
  • You Know I'm Right
  • Cruise
  • Let's Get Metaphysical
  • Near The End
  • From the Vault...

    David Gilmour
    About Face

    © Columbia Records
    Year of Release: 1984
    © Columbia Records
    Year of Release: 1984

    1984 saw the release of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour release his second solo effort, About Face. His 1978 self-titled album may not have achieve any radio airplay, but About Face did, with some tracks that would be regular players on FM AOR radio stations. By the year 1984, each member of Pink Floyd had already accomplished at least one solo album under their belts, as the future of Pink Floyd was ever changing, due to the "power ego" of Roger Waters, who would later leave the group under miscommunicating circumstances.

    "Until We Sleep", like the album's most memorable hit, "Blue Light", has the unique sound that only David Gilmour could provide. It may sound like Pink Floyd, but it's much definitely David Gilmour, and his own sound. "Murder", has the Pink Floyd sound, and recognizing the vocals of Gilmour, it's hard to debate that this song could be a song recorded by Pink Floyd, or solo Gilmour.

    "Love On The Air" is truly a great song. It received radio airplay, and it is more pop than a standard Pink Floyd song. This song should get the repeat button for listening enjoyment. The next song, which is the most remembered: "Blue Light". It has an upbeat dance beat, and as you listen to this album, Gilmour is defining his own sound; a perfect reason for having a solo album, to experiment a sound away from the Pink Floyd sound.

    "Out Of The Blue" is a ballad, having a pop sound, yet it has some chorus progressions heard in Pink Floyd's music. "All Lovers Are Deranged" is a rocker, as it once again defines Gilmour's own signature sound as a soloist. That signature sound also emerges with another radio favorite, "You Know I'm Right", another great Gilmour song. "Cruise" is another non-sounding Pink Floyd song, where it is a medium tempo easy pop (and in one instrumental bridge, reggae) sound.

    A compositional classical progressive rock piece, "Let's Get Metaphysical" showcases how an orchestra ensemble can be heard in such progressive rock music. It's a fascinating piece of work, as it showcases David Gilmour, once again, establishing his own sound. The album closes with a somewhat moody atmosphere song, "Near The End". A song with a title that would defintely tell the truth that the band Pink Floyd was no more -- Roger Waters had quit the band in 1984.

    With Rogers' departure, the remaining members of Pink Floyd's future was up in the air. The band would continue the Pink Floyd name, despite the fact that Roger Waters didn't want the Pink Floyd name to continue without his name and participation in the group. Waters sued, but lost. Pink Floyd went ahead and released albums in the sound that David Gilmour used for his About Face album, likewise still incorporating the traditional Pink Floyd sound, except the obvious, Roger Waters' voice and participation was nowhere to be found.

    Incorporating his own style is what David Gilmour did best on his About Face. For any Pink Floyd fan, this album is a definte to get: Original sound, yet having the sound of the band Gilmour was once it, for many years. About Face is a great album. It has some common Pink Floyd sound. and its own variation.

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