• They Didn't Believe Me
  • Love Is Music
  • The Tina Lina
  • Be My Love
  • I'll Never Love You
  • Act I Finale
    From Madama Butterfly
  • Celeste Aida
    From Aida
  • Ave Maria
  • Sextet
    From Lucia Di
  • La Donna E Mobile
    From Rigoletto
  • Vesti La Giubba
    From Pagliacci
  • Because You're Mine
  • All The Things You Are
  • Granada
  • Finale
    From Cavalleria
  • The Lord's Prayer
  • Because You're Mine
  • Serenade
  • Deep In My Heart Dear
  • Beloved
  • From the Vault...

    Mario Lanza
    Be My Love:
    Mario Lanza's Greatest Performances At M-G-M

    © Turner Classic Movies/Rhino/Movie Music Records
    Year of Release: 1998

    Mario Lanza is probably considered THE best opera singer ever lived. Since his death in 1959, no one has been close to his magnificent voice. Luciano Pavarotti has been close, but not exactly as the greatness as Lanza. In 1998, Turner Movies and Rhino Records released his Greatest Performances At M-G-M, a compilation of songs from his movies That Midnight Kiss (1949), The Toast Of New Orleans (1950), The Great Caruso (1951), Because You're Mine (1952) and The Student Prince (1954). A magnificent collection of songs from one of the best opera singers of all time; opera may not be highly ranked as one's favorite source of music, but after listening to Mario Lanza, opera just may have heads turning, in wanting to hear more of what was the popular source of music, long before Rock n Roll existed.

  • That Midnight Kiss
    Most of the songs from this release are duets. Kathryn Grayson joins Lanza on "They Didn't Believe Me" and "Love Is Music." Both songs feature the top quality voices of opera, that of Lanza himself, and joined by another incredible voice, that of Grayson's.

  • The Toast Of New Orleans
    "The Tina Lina" features great orchestration by the MGM Studio Orchestra, and female vocalist Rita Moreno is also featured. "Be My Love" was most popular by Lanza himself, as he provided all of the vocals, but on this release, Kathryn Grayson leads the vocals, with Lanza joining her later. "I'll Never Love You" has Lanza in the spotlight, handling all of the vocals, as he stands alone as being a true genius in opera vocalization. Kathryn Grayson returns with the opening vocals on "Act I Finale" (from Puccini's 1904 Madama Butterfly), as both Lanza and Grayson showcase top-quality vocals alternating vocals, likewise singing together, in true opera form.

  • The Great Caruso
    Enrico Caruso was Mario Lanza's idol, being one of the greatest tenors, before Lanza emerged on the scene. Lanza would have the opportunity to portray Caruso in the movie The Great Caruso, and songs from this movie has Lanza being just as superior as his idol. "Celeste Aida" (from Verdi's Aida) is just outstanding. Jacqueline Allen joins Lanza on "Ave Maria," also with organist Wesley Tourtelotte. A lovely version, yet like in the song earlier, "Be My Love," it would be best to have Lanza providing all of the vocals, rather than a duet. However, on the popular "Sextet" (from Lucia Di Lammermoor, the vocals of Lanza, Blanche Thebom, Dorothy Kirsten, Guiseppe Valdenga, Nicola Moscona and Gilbert Russell blends extremely well. The popular "La Donna E Mobile" (from Rigoletto), has Lanza in true form, as always. Powerful describes another popular opera favorite, "Vesti La Giubba" (from Pagliacci) -- another wonderful rendition that only Lanza could provide.

  • Because You're Mine
    Beautifuly crafted, the title song has all of the ingredients of Easy Listening. Truly relaxing, Lanza's vocals are exceptional, and the orchestration of the MGM Studio Orchestra is outstanding. Doretta Morrow is also featured with her vocals, but it's Lanza who has 99% of the vocals, and is another entertaining song to listen to. "All The Things You Are" was an outtake on this release, and again, just like any other Lanza song, (having all of the vocals), is truly entertaining. "Granada" displays a more operatic vocal style; another outstanding performance. Likewise, the operatic style returns in "Finale" (from Cavalleria Rusticana), performed with Peggy Bonini and Kathryn Chapman. "The Lord's Prayer" is another outstanding number, and another entertaining song is the reprise of "Because You're Mine," also featuring Doretta Morrow and the MGM Studio Chorus.

  • The Student Prince
    The Student Prince soundtrack brings back memories of 2 particular songs, one of them contained on this release. "Serenade" is one of the greatest songs ever recorded, and Lanza's vocals could bring tears to one's eyes, being so beautifully recorded. Ann Blyth joins Lanza on the beautiful "Deep In My Heart Dear", and "Beloved" is another outtake; both songs both beautifully done.

    Mario Lanza's music was truly gifted. There isn't a male opera voice to come close to his gifted vocal talent. Lanza died young of a heart attack, at the age of 38 in 1959. He left behind a legacy of beautiful, crafted opera music, that is truly enjoyed by any fan of music. It's a great getaway, from the common Rock music, likewise great mood music for romantic settings (since February being Valentine's, this CD would be a great background for those romantic settings). Experience the joys and wonders of Mario Lanza -- his music will guarantee repeated listens.

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